It is preferred on hand dough, pizza, hamburger and frozen dough products by the masters regarding to its easy rolling, easy processing, wheat flours natural taste and aroma features.

-The dough easily rolls thin without tearing.

- Processable dough feature,

-It can resist the water after rolling the dough,

-Preserves its freshness for a long time,

-The doughs which added up do not stick to each other.

- Lasts long period of time.



Wheat Flour, Ascorbic Acid (E 300),

Ash: 0.570 Min. Protein: 11.5%

Packaged on a basis of 14.5% Moisture.


Suitable for Turkish Food Cotex wheat flour notification.

Contains Gluten.


Kraft | 25 KG / Kraft | 50 KG / Cloth Kraft | 50KG


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