Flour sounds and seems simple for most of the consumers. However, before being into the industry, it is almost impossible to grasp how complex flour is, the number of ingredients of the flour, the different types of it, and the instruments that are needed to obtain it. Or, to put it differently, there has been a long process coupled with an intense technology of changing grains into flour.

For this purpose, TEKBAS UN dedicates itself to catch up with the best available technology for production with an experienced supplier network in and out of the country. TEKBAS UN also excels in streamlining supply chain processes through its innovative inventory and delivery systems to meet the demand for expedited inquiries. In our framework, production takes place in an enclosed environment and hygienic conditions to satisfy stringent quality standards, legal requirements, and food reliability principles. To achieve this target, we also encourage our employees and farmers to focus on continuous development and improvement.

TEKBAS UN possesses certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, TSE Halal Conformity and TSE ISO 9000-among others. These certificates are maintained from the sourcing of raw product through to final product delivery.

To meet the needs of customers of all kinds, we continuously enrich our product range with innovation perception. For this purpose, we inaugurated our new modern facility with a brand new building and types of equipment.

TEKBAS UN has the honor of being one of the best-known in Turkey that has an open area of 35.000 m2 and a closed area of 7.000 m2, with 60.000 tons of wheat storage and 500 tons of wheat flour production capacity per day.


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